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Tses Housing Development

In parallel with the development of the Groot Glass factories in Tses Village, Groot Development is also developing five new suburbs, with each suburb consisting of 326 single family homes for a total of 1,630 houses for the permanent employees and production staff of Groot Glass and anyone else who may need a new house in Tses Village.

Neighbors with smiling cheeks!

Groot Glass is being developed in Tses Village to manufacture a wide range of glass products for the construction, kitchenware, and beverages, pharmaceutical, touch screen devices, automobiles, solar panels and other industrial applications for the local and regional markets.

Groot Glass is effecting a creation of thousands of better paying direct and indirect job opportunities in Tses Village and throughout Namibia. In Tses Village alone, Groot Glass is estimated to create more than 7,000 direct and indirect jobs, and the current housing market and availability in Tses Village are not able to accommodate the expected influx of workers and job seekers, especially the permanent employees and production staff of Groot Glass and its anchor partners.

As per the need basis of better housing in Tses Village, Groot Systems (Pty) Ltd is developing 1,630 single-family houses for the permanent employees and production staff of Groot Glass in Tses Village. These houses are being developed phase by phase, with each phase consisting of 326 houses.

Over 300 million Namibian dollars in monthly buying power in Tses Village.

The average annual salary for the permanent employees and production staff of Groot Glass is about NAD $360,000; that gives them a monthly buying power of about NAD $300 million, this is the possible available cash each month to be spent in Tses by these employees and staff of Groot Glass. And these well-experienced and highly trained employees and staff do demand better housing for their accommodation needs as well as other infrastructure and services such as; retail and grocery stores for their daily shopping needs, private schools for their children, clinics, barbershops and hair salons, banking centers and insurance services, car repair shops, hotels, lodges, bed 'n breakfasts, clothing stores, service stations, minishops, restaurants, entertainment, and everything else that offer better services to meet their daily selected needs.

What's in Tses Village?
Currently, there is nothing much in Tses Village, hence the market is open for the early birds.

The new residents of Tses Village other than the employees and staff of Groot Glass are expected to include; school teachers, medical professionals, employees of various businesses as well as government employees and private individuals.

Population Growth
The current population of Tses and the surrounding area is estimated to be about 3,000. However, as more and more people from other parts of Namibia and the world migrate to Tses Village in search of work, better life and opportunities, it is expected that over the next 10 years, more than 40,000 people will arrive to settle in Tses Village, and with each family is made up on an average of 5 people, the population of Tses Village could exponentially grow to 200,000 people within the next 10 years.

Urban Planning and Development of Tses
In around 2013, the Namibian Government through the TIPEEG Program injected about NAD $17 million in Tses Village for the bulk services, as well as the urban planning and designing of the new Tses Town as a result of the expected Groot Glass development in Tses.

As such, Tses Village appointed Windhoek-based WINPLAN Town & Regional Planning Consultants and Simon Kapenda as Chief Development Officer for the urban planning and designing of the new Tses Town. The new Tses Town has since been designed to accommodate more than 260,000 people in population and is currently pending approval by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development.

Benefits for Tses Village Council
As a local government and a municipality, it is expected that as the population of Tses Village grow exponentially, so as the municipal services' needs of the residents. The needs of these billable services may include water, sewage, and electricity, rates and taxes, not to forget about the safety and security of the residents. Hence, the Tses Village Council could be issuing out invoices for their monthly billable services worth over N$100 million. This could make Tses Village to becoming one of the wealthiest municipalities in Namibia.

Housing Plans
The urban planning permission for these houses has been applied for the following offerings:

  • Different freestanding residential homes composed of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four bedroom houses.
  • Different resort style apartments for rent (ranging from bachelor, one bedroom, two bedroom and three-bedroom apartments).
  • A club house for the residents.
  • A community swimming pool for the residents.

Housing Composition
A total of 1,630 freestanding residential homes composed of one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom houses, all to be built per each individual housing demand.

Housing Guarantee Plan
Groot Glass Limited provides financial guarantee for every new house bought and built by and for any of its qualified employees and staff.

Housing Design Plans
Download to preview our modern Tses Housing Design Plans ranging from one-to-four bedroom houses.

Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality
Environmental management forms an integral part of all the related activities of Groot Suisse. As such, Groot Suisse takes stringent precautionary measures in everything it does as per the Safety, Health and Environmental Policies of the Republic of Namibia.

For all your questions about how to buy your new house in Tses, please contact the following:

Ms. Rauna Massamba
Groot Properties
Windhoek, Namibia

Mobile: +264-81-339-1303

Project Management
Groot Suisse Ltd.

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