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Groot Solar Park

Groot Solar Park aims to generate electricity, making use of renewable energy sources, to produce electricity and power the Groot Glass factories being developed in Tses Village, as the Off-taker, and export the surplus to the national grid.

Groot Solar Park has been formed to exclusively generate electricity to power the Groot Glass factories being developed in Tses Village and supply the surplus to the national grid network.

Groot Solar Park is being developed as a greenfield project, 80MW Groot Solar (PV) Plant (“Groot Solar Park”) in Tses Village, which is located 80 km north of Keetmanshoop in the Republic of Namibia, with an estimated total costs including for regulatory fees amounting to about USD 284 million (approx. NAD $4 billion).

The aim of the project is to generate electricity, making use of renewable energy sources, to produce electricity and power the Groot Glass factories being developed in Tses Village, as the Off-taker. The company’s annual power consumption is estimated to be about 100.8 Million Units for five glass manufacturing factories at USD $12 million (with NAD $1.72 per khw rate) and USD $18.144 million (with NAD $2.5 per kwh rate).

Groot Solar Park has desires to benefit from the existing and favorable development and financing facilities offered by the chosen financial institutions as well as equity and institutional investors on a EPC+F basis. Groot Solar Park also plans to take advantage of the existing favorable business, economic and political environment offering as well as the great potential for the development of renewable energy sector.

The Groot Solar Park is aligned with the Namibian Government's vision to make use of renewable energy sources in addition to the current electricity generation methods. Groot Solar Park intends to supply the surplus to the national grid in order to supplement the current electricity supply and will contribute towards ensuring long-term sustainable power supply.

Namibia's vibrant economy has a number of favorable socio-economic factors that make it conducive for Namibians to participate in economic development, particularly in the area of renewable energy.

Namibia's hot dry climate and abundant sunshine for over 300 days per year make it an ideal spot to harness the energy of the sun. Up to 2,200 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per square metre annually are recorded in the country.

Renewable Energy Regulation
Under the Vision 2030 Act, passed in 2004, Namibia is aiming to be an industrialized nation with a viable natural resources - based export sector, and increased size of skills - based industrial and service sectors, and market oriented production. To achieve this, however, the energy sector must keep the pace with the economic development. One of the ways in which this goal is planned to be met is through the integration of renewable energy sources into the country’s energy mix. In charge of realizing the outlined plan, is the Namibian Electricity Control Board (ECB), which has recently announced that the country's renewable energy policy is close to completion. (Source: Gilgal Consulting Engineers)

Established in 2019, Groot Solar (Pty) Ltd is a development project of Groot Management Systems (Pty) Ltd ("Groot Systems") based in Ongwediva, Namibia.

Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality
Environmental management forms an integral part of all the related activities of Groot Systems. An Environmental Clearance Certification for the compliant as per The Environmental Management Act of 2007 is expected to be conducted and submited for approval to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of the Republic of Namibia.

Groot Systems seeks to be part of the community where it plans to operate, by providing finance and resources for the area communities, when possible, in order to help contribute to the social wellbeing of the area communities.

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