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Groot Glass

Groot Glass Limited (Co.Reg.No.:2019/0115) is a Namibia, Windhoek-based premier company with a vision to manufacture a wide range of glass products for the construction, kitchenware, beverages, pharmaceutical, touch screen devices, automobiles, solar panels and other industrial applications for the local and regional markets.

Leadership and Suppliers
At Groot Glass, we have assembled the world's best technical, technology and engineering companies from Germany, Italy, Ukraine and the USA, such as Heye International, MSK, Sorg, Horn, Zippe, Grenzebach, Siemens, and others for the supplying of equipment, technology, engineering and construction of the Groot Glass Manufacturing Factories in Tses.

We have also assembled the world's best team of professionals mostly from India, Germany, South Africa and Italy with more than 600 years of combined experience in glass manufacturing, technology and engineering for the smooth production and operations of Groot Glass.

Our aim at Groot Glass is to produce and market quality glass products for the local and regional markets.

Groot Glass plans to produce and market the following glass products:

  • Container glass for the beverages, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, spirits, water and fruit juice, and wine in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.
  • Float glass, as well as laminated glass, mirrors, and sealant products for the construction, automotive and solar panels. Groot Float Glass expects to produce 219,000 tons of high quality float glass per year.
  • Tableware for the kitchen ware.
  • Fibreglass for the heavy-duty industry.
  • Ultrathin glass for the mobile and touchscreen devices.

Groot Glass is starting out initially with the construction and commissioning of two different glass manufacturing factories; Groot Container Glass and Groot Float Glass Factories.

Groot Container Glass is installing a technology with the capacity of producing 350 metric tons per day of glass with one furnace, eight production lines and equipment designed to produce glass containers from 88ml to 1,000ml, in different sizes, shapes and colors; flint, green and amber glass bottles for the beverage and food industry, soft drinks and juices as well as for the pharmaceutical industry, in order to best serve our local and regional market.

Groot Float Glass is installing a 600 metric tons per day of float glass for the construction as well as the solar panels and automobile industry.

Currently, only a few countries in Southern Africa are involved in glass manufacturing, and Groot Glass expects to produce quality glass products for the local market in Namibia as well as for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) markets.

About Groot Glass
Founded in 2012, Groot Glass Limited (Co.Reg.No.:2019/0115) is a Namibia-based premier company focusing on the manufacturing of a wide range of quality glass for the construction industry, kitchenware, beverages, pharmaceuticals, touch screen devices, automobiles, solar panels, eyewear, and other industrial applications.

Groot Glass Limited is majority-owned by Groot Suisse Ltd. (formerly known as "Groot Management Systems (Pty) Ltd") with 15% shareholding owned by Tses Village Council of the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development of the Republic of Namibia.

Groot Glass has secured USD $650 million in equity financing, backed by New York City based investment banking, Pine Suisse Inc., through Boston, MA USA based RNS Ventures LLC., for the construction of two glass factories; float and container, in Tses.

Groot Glass seeks to be part of the community where it plans to operate, by providing finance and resources for the area communities, when possible, in order to help contribute to the social wellbeing of the area communities.

Groot Glass Limited

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