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What's New?
We are happy to unveil our newly redesigned Groot corporate logo below, which we have in-house designed to suit our long-term vision for the next 30+ years. The multicolored circles represent our diverse industrial ecosystems which are interlinked and intertwined, a symbol of an ecosystem with industrial organisms which depend on each other for co-sustainable existence and growth. Click to download our corporate logo here.

Tses Glass Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Scoping Report

In August 2016, our Environmental Engineers completed the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Scoping Report for the Tses Glass Manufacturing Factories in Tses of the //Karas Region, Namibia. By law, we are required to post and publish this Report for the general public perusal. To access, view and download this Report, please go to: Tses Glass EIA and EMP Environmental Scoping Report

Groot Supercenter Opening in 2018 in Oshakati

Groot Supercenter, a one-stop mega shopping arcade for virtually everything at lower prices is opening in 2018 in Oshakati, Namibia. For leasing info, please contact Seeff.

Westerville, an Upmarket Smart Township Development in Windhoek

Westerville Township Development, just about 35km West of Windhoek is set to effectively capture a redefinition of modern living within the Municipality of the City of Windhoek. Thus, encapsulated in the Westerville is the vision to create a modern, upscale Township with a very unique and uncommon lifestyle that delivers unequaled comfort, fully functional amenities as the hallmark of modern lifestyle with ease of access to core essentials as quality health care and world class security services. For the development opportunities, please contact Westerville Township Developers.

"Tses Glass" is now "Groot Glass"
We are changing the name "Tses Glass" to "Groot Glass", only the name of the project (company) is changing, but our location (Tses, //Karas), our technical team, and technical partners in Africa, Europe and Asia remain the same.

Groot Silica EIA Scoping Report
We have finalized the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) Scoping Report together with the Biodiversity Study Report for our mega industrial project, Groot Silica Mining and Processing Factory in Oshikango of Helao Nafidi Town, Ohangwena Region. Groot Silica is to supply our Groot Glass Manufacturing Factories in Tses with the required silica sand products to manufacture and produce the world's best glass products of all types for the Namibian and SADC market. We are required to post and publis this Report for the general public perusal. To access, view and download this Report, please go to: Groot Silica EIA and EMP Environmental Scoping Report.

Biodiversity Study for Oshikango
We are very proud to share with you a copy of our Biodiversity Study, which is a supplementary report to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Scoping Report for the development of the Groot Silica Processing and Groot Steel Manufacturing Factories in Oshikango. This document is just a supplementary report for the complete EIA Report which we will share with you soon. To view and download this document, please see: Biodiversity Study for Oshikango.

Advanced Industrial Ecosystems Development
We are developing our largest industrial projects in Namibia, billed as the Groot Advanced Industrial Ecosystem, which are; Groot Glass (Tses), Groot Steel (Oshikango), Groot Silica (Oshikango), and Groot Chemicals (Odibo), and Groot Ceramics (Omunkete).

Groot Sponsors Namibia Premier League (NPL)
Groot is the proud Official Bronze Sponsor for the Namibia Premier League (NPL). We love Namibia, and support our country and communities.

Groot Groot Systems is a world-leader in advanced industrial ecosystems development.
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